Handling of Empty Cement Bags

Comprehensive Manpower Engagement:

We are specialized in delivering top-notch solutions for empty bags bale unloading, stacking, and handling, designed to enhance the efficiency of the packing operations in the cement industry. Our dedicated team at Sahu & Companies are committed to engaging skilled manpower for the daily unloading of empty bags bale from trucks and swift shifting of bales to the bag godown. Following strict Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), our engaged manpower ensures a secure unloading process.

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Safety-Centric Supervision and Quality Control:

Ensuring the safety of both operations and the bag godown, we deploy dedicated supervisors who oversee the entire process. These supervisors not only manage accurate counting and stacking of bales but also provide valuable sampling assistance to our quality officers, ensuring meticulous quality control.

Versatility and Proactive Scheduling of Empty Cement Bags:

Demonstrating versatility, we adeptly operate various systems prevalent in the cement industry for handling empty bags. From the Vinar system to lifting with winch machines and manual shifting, we adapt to your specific requirements. Moreover, our proactive scheduling ensures that no loaded (empty bale) is left within the plant premises. Trucks are promptly scheduled and taken inside the plant for unloading, maintaining an organized and efficient working environment.

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