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Technical Excellence in Cement Packing and Loading Services:

Sahu & Company emerges as a premier service provider, specializing in the operational mastery of cement packing and loading machines. Our expertise lies in deploying skilled manpower to seamlessly operate a variety of top-tier machines from industry-leading brands such as Enexco, BuemerGroup, FLS Ventomatic, and more. Renowned for our efficiency, we cater to the needs of esteemed clients like Ambuja Cements Limited, ACC Limited, Adani Cement Industries Limited, and Ultratech Cement Limited, ensuring the optimal performance of packing and loading processes.

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Precision in Operational Procedures:

As a dedicated service contractor, our focus is on delivering precise and efficient operations. We navigate the intricacies of Electronic Packer Machines with double discharge systems, managing capacities ranging from 60 to 240 Tones per hour. Our skilled workforce excels in handling various nozzle configurations, ensuring smooth operation for both static and rotary machines. We take pride in our ability to meet client demands by optimizing manpower deployment, adhering to strict weighing protocols, and maintaining accurate records throughout the packing and loading process.

Comprehensive Service Commitment:

Sahu & Company doesn’t just operate machines; we offer a comprehensive service commitment to our clients. Our technical proficiency extends to ensuring compliance with delivery orders, RTO permissible loads, and precise loading advice. We take charge of the entire process, from meticulous stacking in trucks to the final tally checking. Safety is ingrained in our operations, with regular training for our workforce and a commitment to maintaining clean and safe working environments. As a service provider, we prioritize client satisfaction, offering additional manpower as needed, swift responsiveness, and a dedicated approach to reducing bag brustage to achieve a target of 0.1%. Partner with us for a seamless and reliable experience in cement packing and loading services.

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