Our Services

Packing & Loading of Cement Bags

We pack cement bags and load onto trucks and wagons through specialized workforce for our reputed clints – ACC LIMITED, AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED, ADANI CEMENT INDUSTRIES, ULTRATECH CEMENT LIMITED, ETC

Operations & maintenance Activities

We provide specialized workforce for complete Operations & Maintenance Activities required for smooth functioning of the industries. We are pro in cement industries and can serve other industries as well.

Civil Manpower Support Services

We provide skilled and unskilled labor to support various civil engineering and construction projects. This service assists in sourcing, recruiting, and deploying personnel with the necessary skills and expertise to complete different task.

Mechanical & E&I Manpower Solutions

We are providing skilled professionals to handle mechanical and electrical tasks across a wide range of industries. These services play a critical role in the installation, maintenance, repair, and modernization of vital systems, contributing to the safe and efficient operation of various sectors’ infrastructure and operations.

Horti-Culture Manpower Solutions

A comprehensive approach to maintaining and enhancing green spaces in industrial settings, combining horticultural expertise with the practical requirements of large-scale operations. This concept addresses both aesthetic and functional needs, contributing to a more pleasant and sustainable work environment within industrial complexes.

QC & Laboratory Manpower Solutions

We provide specialized workforce responsible for managing and conducting quality control tests, analyses, and assessments in a laboratory setting within the cement manufacturing sector. This workforce ensures that the produced cement meets the required standards, specifications, and regulatory requirements.

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